RX Waste, It’s Time to Reconsider Your Approach

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John Nicklin
  |  Jan 29, 2018

Current State

Today’s RX Waste services are very expensive solutions offered by regulated medical waste vendors which leverage their existing capital infrastructure at exceedingly high margins with the promise of convenient compliance. But the promise often falls short of both convenience and compliance. This leaves the customer with a complex matrix of multiple containers, conflicting messages on compliance and an added cost that often exceeds the entire medical waste budget.

Add to this the expense and complexity of managing and disposal of DEA controlled substances. Typically, proprietary 3rd party driven solutions used by major competitors result in a relatively small waste stream becoming a significant additional cost!

When the customer is educated and understands the options there is no need to fear RX or DEA waste. WasteStrategies simplifies the process, removes any concerns while substantially lowering your overall costs!

The WasteStrategies Approach (A Long Term Sustainable Solution)

Whether we are your current on-site waste management partner or you are now considering our services, WasteStrategies approaches all your waste and environmental sustainability impacts as opportunities for savings rather than additional sources of revenue!

What is RX Waste? Pharmaceutical and other drug waste which must be handled properly and in accordance with current regulations. Although RX waste is generated in a clinical environment, RX Waste is just 1) Hazardous Waste or 2) Regulated Medical Waste with various sub categories which you have been managing for years.

We leverage our onsite management and staffing to provide 24/7 collection and management of RX waste generated in the clinical environment. We document and segregate the material we collect into your current RCRA Hazardous and Regulated Medical Waste streams for disposal by your current vendors at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone RX Waste service.

And DEA Waste? Forget about costly and complex 3rd party solutions. We will combine your DEA controlled substances with bulk RCRA Hazardous Waste for documented and witnessed destruction at zero additional cost to your institution! There are no hidden costs. We charge a fair price for managing these programs and on average your institution will save over 30% annually. In addition, you have the benefits of a secure, safe and well managed program.

Please give us a call today for a free no cost evaluation of your program.

John Nicklin
Managing Member