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Ebola Waste Preparedness

Posted by John Nicklin  |  Nov 07, 2014

A straight forward plan to deal with an issue that may seem new to many of you however this issue has been successfully addressed for decades. It’s all over the news, landfills that won’t accept ashes from incinerated waste, towns and states that won’t let waste be transported across their borders, special permits, Category A Packaging, warehouses full of drums and 6mil liners. STOP! Realize that all this public backlash and 3rd party noise is due to the fact that YOU do not have a plan. It’s really that simple.

4 Red Flags in an Environmental Management System Audit

Posted by John Nicklin  |  Oct 30, 2014

Is your environmental management system working for you or are you working for it?

An all-too-common approach to running an environmental management system (EMS) is a procedural, documentation-oriented approach where the mere existence of EMS procedures makes an organization falsely believe they have an effective program. In fact, this procedural-documentation approach often does little more that bog down the organization with little in the way of real outcomes.